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Since 1994, when our business was founded, our tools and techniques have improved the way organizations think and collaborate in face-to-face meetings – often with large numbers of participants. Over that time our consulting practice developed a methodology to design meetings that has reinforced the success of our clients and customers. We want to share that methodology with you and others in your organization. We call it “Meetings on Purpose.” The best introduction is found in the no-charge PDF Download file shown below. As with any business proposition, it asks and answers these three essential questions: (1) Is it real? (2) Is it worth it? (3) and Can YOU win?

As a brief preview, the methodology argues that any good meeting design must carefully consider Four-P’s: the Purpose of the meeting, the desired Product of the meeting, the People participating and affected by the meeting, and the Process(es) used to deliver the purposeful results. The pay-offs are large, primarily from transforming many thousands of hours of wasted time in meetings each year into productive full-time-equivalent staff members (FTE’s), that deliver real value added work. The PDF Download presentation goes into detail on how you and your organization can achieve this profitable result.

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Meetings on Purpose Methodology
Meetings on Purpose Methodology

Meetings on Purpose. A methodology to improve the meetings management process.
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